Holistic Therapies with Sarah

Sarah is an experienced, compassionate, holistic therapist offering Reiki, Indian head massage, ear candling and Thai yoga massage.

Treatment space in Wivenhoe open on Fridays (more days coming in 2024!)
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60 - 90 minute treatments from £40

Sarah can be booked for pamper parties, unique hen dos, wellbeing at work events, festivals, retreats or any other event that would be enhanced by a healing touch in Essex, London and beyond.

Reiki, Indian head massage, Ear candle  therapy, Thai yoga massage…


Reiki and spiritual healing with sound

Rei means universal; Ki means life force. Originating in Japan but also connected to yogic ways of interpreting the subtle energy via the chakra model. Spiritual healing is the more European approach to connecting with the universal life energy ~ this vital force known by many names including prana, chi, qi ~ the cosmic energy which permeates the Universe on all levels. No particular belief system is required to receive Reiki or spiritual healing, simply an openness to allow healing to take place on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. The innate intelligence of this vital life force is drawn to wherever the receiver needs re-balancing, the practitioner simply holds the space to facilitate, guide and support this process. Sessions can be accompanied by the healing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and more if you wish. Recipients describe feeling calmer, clearer, grounded and energised. Healing may reduce anxiety and stress, speed recovery from illness, injury or surgery and aid relaxation. 60 minutes

Indian head massage

Indian head massage is an Ayurvedic healing art. This upper body treatment includes acupressure points, massage of neck, shoulders, scalp, face and ears. The recipient is seated and remains fully clothed (no oils used). Rhythmic tapping, tugging, rubbing and stroking actions squeeze tension from the muscles and encourage movement of energy, blood and lymph. Recipients say their shoulders and neck feel spacious, looser and more at ease. A treatment or series of treatments may relieve headaches, migraines, release neck, shoulder tension, reduce stress and aid sleep. 60 minutes - combined with either Reiki or a Sound bath

Ear candle therapy

A relaxing treatment using traditional ear candles to cleanse and clear the ears and sinuses. The lit ‘candle’ ~ a tube of fabric soaked in wax creates a gentle heat and light suction effect which seems to bring clarity to the sense of hearing. The treatment includes massage of ears, face and neck to aid the effects of the practice. Some find this alleviates mild hearing changes after airplane travel. A treatment or series of treatments may relieve headaches, migraines, blocked ears, tinnitus, sinusitis. 60 minutes - combined with either Reiki or a Sound bath

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional Thai bodywork therapy. This full body treatment includes pressure point massage, stretches and joint mobilisation. The recipient lies or sits on a mat on the floor and remains fully clothed (no oils used). Sometimes known as ‘lazy yoga’ as it’s like practicing yoga without the effort, your body is guided with gentle touch in and out of the postures. The ‘ten sen’ channels as described in the Thai medicine system are worked upon to encourage the free flow of energy, blood and lymph. Recipients report feeling taller, lighter and more ‘in’ their body. A treatment or series of treatments may stretch tight muscles, release aching joints, relieve stress, ease back pain and aid digestion. 60 / 90 minutes


Your Space operates a sliding scale policy to make treatments accessible to all.

Pay what you wish anywhere on the scale…

60 minutes £40 - £60
90 minutes £65 - £90


Mix and match treatments as you wish
e.g. 30 minute Indian head massage followed by 30 minute Reiki or any other combination that appeals to you!

Gift vouchers for special occasions - available for any value or a specific treatment