Ideas for approaching home practice

Home Practice

Click HERE for a downloadable PDF of ideas

This is intended to act as a starting point for Your Space yogis who want to begin a home practice. Also for thinking about getting mini moments of yoga into your day to day life! It is based on ideas gathered from my own studies, self practice and the classes I have taught since 2009. It includes information about some of the different components of yoga practice including ideas for mobilisations, information about sun salutation and a reminder of some of the asanas we have covered recently. It is by no means an exhaustive resource about yoga but I hope you find it useful!


These audio recordings are similar to the initial and final relaxations you will have experienced in my drop in classes. Use these in conjunction with the home practice ideas from the PDF above.

Initial relaxation audio recording

Final relaxation audio recording

Surya namaskar – sun salutation

A reminder for Your Space yogis of the six versions of surya namaskar that are regularly taught in my classes (see sun salutation diagrams in the PDF too).

The recording starts with the standing version suitable for those with knee and hip issues and progresses to the more challenging versions which includes the eight limbed pose.

You can see the options for transitions between the poses e.g. lunge by lifting the hands to move the leg or step once then help the foot by lifting with the hand, or step straight through.

Happy sun saluting – get outside in the sun to do this if you can!…

MAP group resources

I’ve written down many of the practices we have worked with. They are also in the recordings below (except the spine movements) . Click Yoga ideas for the resource doc.

Initial relaxation / body scan

The resource doc details the lying down body scan, the recordings also include a seated and standing body scan. These are useful for taking a brief pause in your day. Once you’ve practiced them a few times with the recording you can guide yourself through the process any time and almost any where!

Pawanmuktasana – joint freeing practices

Use the resource document in conjunction with the recordings below to help you remember and understand the pawanmuktasana sequences for each area of the body.

The spine

The spinal movements – seated forward bend, cat cow, side bend and twist are detailed in the resource document but there is no recording!

Final relaxation

Just use this alone if you feel you want a quick rest and energy boost.

Remember, mini yogas here and there in the day can make all the different to body, breath and mind…