Hatha Yoga

During a Your Space yoga class much of your time will be spent on co-ordinating your movement with your breath in flowing and static sequences. You will learn physical postures (asanas) for strength and flexibility, breathing practices (pranayama) for calming the mind and relaxation techniques to bring about a sense of peace and quiet. By working with the tangible physical body and learning to control the breath you should find that both your body and mind feel the benefit!

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit syllable yuj meaning to yoke, reconnect, unite or join. In Vedantic philosophy this is interpreted as the unification of the individual soul with the cosmic consciousness.

The word Ha-tha translates as sun and moon, the opposing positive and negative currents present in everything. Ha-tha can also be interpreted as mind and prana or mental and vital. So Hatha Yoga is designed to balance the mind or consciousness with the vital energy or prana. The practices including asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing practices) purify and cleanse the body, gradually settling the mind towards a more meditative state.

Yoga Chitti Vritti Nirodah, the second verse of the Yoga Sutres of Patanjali clearly defines the purpose of yoga – to still the fluctuations of the mind. When you can focus the mind, body and breath and let go of the chatter of the thoughts you will begin to feel calmer and more content.